Carolina Inn

Carolina Inn as the Helper Hotel, circa 1870s. Two people standing on the roof with two carriages out front and many people standing outside

Helper Hotel (before the Carolina Inn)

The Carolina Inn

The Carolina Inn

Dates: First constructed as a store in 1848. Purchased in 1855 by
Hanson Pinkney Helper and remodeled into a thirteen room hotel. Purchased
around 1901 by the Sloan family and operated as a boarding house and weekend
rooming house for visiting college girls. Purchased by the college in 1946.
Used in the 1950s and 1960s as a Teen Canteen. Renovated in 1971. Designated
as a Charlotte Mecklenburg Historic Site in 1977.

Quote: In reference to the addition of a widow’s walk on the roof of
the inn: “We give you a Fresh’s description of what a ‘what-you-may call-em’
lately built by one of our citizens. His philosophy was that ‘Mr. H. had no
place for a flower garden in front of his residence, so he put it on top of
the dwelling.’ Another Fresh corrected this statement by the assertion that it
was either a ‘cupillary’ or an ‘observery’ he didn’t know which.” Davidson
College Monthly,
 March 1872:40.

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