Patterson Court


Patterson Court House
Patterson court house
Patterson map
Aerial view of Patterson Court. [est. 1960s]
Buildings 3 and 10 have not yet been moved.
Buildings 11 and 12 are hidden by trees.
Exterior shot of a Patterson Court house [1985]
A back view of Patterson Court houses.
[est. 1960s]
Patterson Court, 1981 aerial photograph
Students building solar greenhouse
SAE members and donation to the college library
Kappa Sigma members at Habitat build
The front page of the February 8, 1993 issue of the Davidsonian
A live band at a Patterson Court party
Students enjoy a buffet in a Patterson Court house
Patterson Court
With construction of Patterson Court in 1958, the administration thought it had solved the dining problem at Davidson. The new fraternity houses allowed the organizations to hire housemothers who served as dieticians and meal planners, allowing the college administration to remove itself from the responsibility of providing meals to a large majority of students. The First 12 houses were constructed in 1958. Some buildings moved in 1981.

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