Davidson College Campus Buildings

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  • Image of Akers Hall in 2015
  • The Baker Sports Complex consists of four major areas: The
Louise and Carl Knobloch Tennis Center, The Belk Basketball Arena, The Cannon Pool, and The Finley Physical Education Center.
  • The Beaver Dam plantation house
  • A photo of Belk residence hall in 2015
  • Black and White image of Blackwell Alumni House
  • Black and White  image of Carnegie Guest House
  • New Chambers Building in 2015
  • The Charles A. Cannon Pool was dedicated January 25th. Members of the swim team stand with the newly dedicated Charles A. Cannon Pool.
  • Davidson first new residence hall since 2000  opened to home   sophomores and named after Lisa and John Chidsey, both class of 1983.
  • The Cunningham Theatre Center houses the Rupert T. Barber Theatre as the performance centerpiece of the building
  • Science Laboratory
  • Watts Dormitory Fire
  • Duke Dormitory 2015
  • Elm Row
  • Built in 1945-46 as a memorial to two brothers killed in WWII.
  • Eumenean Hall
  • Entrance to Fraternity Court
  • Built in 1909. Demolished in 1956.
  • Built as library in 1941. Dedicated May 1, 1942. West wing
added in 1958. Remodeled as College Union in 1975.
  • Built in 1850s. Acquired by College in 1859 and used as
faculty housing.
  • Harding House
  • The front of the Henderson boarding house in 1987
  • According to the Davidsonian, “Hobart Park lies between Jackson Court and the football stadium. It contains shrubs and flowers Mr. Hobart planted and picnic tables and an oven provided by the college.”
  • Both the College and community will use a new $55,000 post office being constructed
alongside old Carolina Inn on Main Street.
  • Built in 1928. Court named in honor of F.L. Jackson in 1960 and
converted to residential and office use.