2010–2014 Timeline

2010–2014 Timeline Items

  • Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South
    This book is a compilation of oral histories that narrate the experiences of black gay men in the South. Johnson uses the oral histories to provide insight into what it means to naviagte the South in a queer black masculine body.This book is available electronically through the Davidson College Library
  • Queer South Rising: Voices of a Contested Place
    This books is an edited volume of works pertaining to queerness in the South specifically, though it is not a book that focuses on the queer black south. It does, however, include a couple race-specific works, including Craig Washingtons "Fall Down On Me: Stories of the Club From Black Gay Men in the South" and Qiana Cutt's "My Labels Are [Not] Too Many: My Journey of “Becoming” A Black, Afrocentric, Southern Lesbian." This books is available electronically through the Davidson College Library.
    In this work, Royster provides introductory notes as to the ways that queer lives and experiences are performed, especially within a culture that is increasingly normalizing LGBTQ marriage and the LGBTQ family. Royster reminds us that "academic theory threatens to take us away from the lived histories of folks of color, avoiding knowledges that don't fit neatly into the needs of the academic trend of the day," and challenges theory to in the future think critically about the lived experiences of bodies of color.This work is available through jstor here: https://www.jstor.org/stable/23541223
  • Toward a New Vision: Race, Class, and Gender as Categories of Analysis and Connection
    In this work, Patricia Hill Collins addresses intersectionality. She writes, "In essence, each group identifies the type of oppression with which it feels most comfortable as being fundamental and classifies all other types as being of lesser importance." She advocates for new categories of analysis that are inclusive of race, class, and gender as distinctive yet interlocking structures of oppression. This book is held in print by the Davidson College Library.
  • Nearly 200 Staff, Students Complete Inaugural LGBTQ Support Training Program
  • Charlotte: College opens LGBT center
  • The next Reformation
  • Residents adjust to first semester of mixed-gender halls at Davidson
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