Black Queer Studies: A Critical Anthology


Black Queer Studies: A Critical Anthology
This book presents an anthology of black queer theory, including works such as: o Roderick A. Ferguson, “Race-ing Homonormativity: Citizenship, Sociology, and Gay Identity” in which Ferguson connects sociology’s designation of sexuality as a "social phenomenon to past and present social formations that invest in practices of racial exclusion and racial privilege."o Rinaldo Walcott, “Outside in Black Studies: Reading from a Queer Place in the Diaspora” in which Walcott discusses how the "black studies project" has not "adequately incorporated nor engaged the thought of thinking blackness differently, especially when it encounters black queers."o Phillip Brian Harper, “The Evidence of Felt Intuition: Minority Experience, Everyday Life, and Critical Speculative Knowledge” in which Harper discusses the ways that queer black bodies navigate space in 'everday life.'This book is available electronically through the Davidson College Library.
E. Patrick Johnson
Mae G. Henderson
Durham: Duke University Press