ENG 422: Creating Narratives was a 400-level seminar offered in the fall semester of 2021. This course focused on Davidson student literary history while also allowing us to conduct research in the Davidson Archives as part of the half-semester-long project. Each group in the seminar produced an individual Omeka S page reflecting their research; we decided to focus on alcohol culture and policies in the 1960s to better understand how students of the time navigated drinking. 


Our topic of alochol orginated in our interest in the issue of "sin" and Davidson's deep connection to the Presbyterian Church. We originally planned to look at the campus culture of sex, drugs, and alcohol but quickly narrowed our project to examine drinking. Through this project, we hoped to illuminate the experience of students at a small Southern college during this period while also highlighting the literary work of alumni. This topic is important because many of the same issues regarding drinking and social life from the '60s were prevelant during our own time at Davidson. We hope that others find our research relevant as the discussions of alcohol on college campuses arise again and again.

About the Authors

Tindall A. '22 was a senior English major and History minor from Alexandria, Virginia. While at Davidson, she was a member of Warner Hall House and served as co-president for both Ada Cooks, a program at the Ada Jenkins Center, and Episcopal Student Fellowship. 

Alaina H. '22 was a senior English major. She is from Lancaster, South Carolina. During her time at Davidson, she served one term as a Senator for the Student Government Association, interned for the Health Education Office, and competed on the club swimming team.

Landon S. '22 was a senior Economics major and English minor. He spent time on campus leading trips for Davidson Outdoors and was the Business Manager for the Davidsonian - the school's newspaper. He is from Tampa, Florida.