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WALT 1610 AM, the Davidson College Student run and operated Radio Station, was founded in 1986. It’s constitution states that “WALT. will act not only as an opportunity for interested students seeking involvement in radio, but will also serve as an alternative form of radio that is unavailable in this area. WALT. will also serve as an alternative form of communicating campus information to the college community.” It ceased operations in 1990 but was re-constituted in 1994.  In 2008, WALT began public live pod- and web-casting, whereas previously it had webcast for college students, faculty, and staff only.

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Author: Jim Harris

Date: 22 February 2012

Cite as: Harris, Jim. “WALT,” Davidson Encyclopedia, 22 February 2012 <https://digitalprojects.davidson.edu/omeka/s/college-archives-davidson-encyclopedia/page/walt>.

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