Vail Commons

Vail Commons- Atrium

Vail Commons- Atrium

Dates: Built in 1980-81. Dedicated November 7, 1981

Quote: The interior of the Commons will be the most dramatic on campus. Seating has been broken up by diagonally-crossing walkways, and lighting canopies will be suspended from the high two-story ceiling over most of the dining areas. A triangular mezzanine will be also allow seating on the upper level, overlooking the areas below and the high glass windows beyond. Current plans call of the Commons to seat 440 on the lower level and 150 on the upper level. Lawrimore, Earl. “Construction to start on dorms and Commons.” Davidson Update. November 1979: 1.

Named for: James D. Vail III and his family. James Vail served on the Board of Trustees 1979-1991. Two of his sons attended Davidson College: James IV, class of 1976 and John, class of 1983.

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