Sociology Department

The first course in Sociology at Davidson College was offered in the 1930s. Professor Price Gwynn taught sociology along with other courses. In 1947, Charles Brooks Anderson became the first faculty to specialize in sociology. In 1950 the first introductory anthropology class was offered within the Deartment of Sociology. Sociology remained a one-faculty department until the 1970s, when it expanded to four faculty. The department name also expanded in 1978-1979, to become Sociology and Anthropology. In 1986-1987, the department was renamed Anthropology and Sociology. In 1995, the department had 7 faculty and offered over 45 courses. The departments separated in Spring 1998. For the 2006-2007 academic year, the Sociology department had four faculty members and 23 course offerings.

The Sociology Department sponsors the Summer in Ghana Program, where students study and take part in the rich democratic culture of Cape Coast. 

As of 2023, the Sociology Department offers 73 courses (13 of which are offered in the Fall of 2023), taught by seven Sociology professors and students can major or minor in Sociology.

"Sociology." Davidson College Catalog 2023

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