Scripts ‘N Pranks

Scripts N' Pranks Cover from November 1936

Scripts N' Pranks

After The Yowl was retired, most of the editorial staff remained to produce Scripts ‘N Pranks, a magazine devoted to “literature (scripts) and humor (pranks).”  The first issue was produced in November of 1936. It was a quarterly magazine until the fall of 1958, when it began publishing three times a year.  In the early 1940s there was a break in publication due to World War II.

Early on, the editors published humor balanced with poetry, literature, and other fillers, but later Scripts ‘N Pranks reverted its focus back to humor and satire by separately publishing the issues: only one issue was of literary nature while the others focused on humor.

The character of Scripts ‘N Pranks can be seen in a poem dedicating the first issue of the magazine:

We call it
To those brave souls who
Suggested names, we offer thanks–
But not congratulations

To the editor of the yearbook
We offer apologies

To the Davidsonian reporters
Who can’t spell it
We offer aid

To the post office officials
Who curse us daily
We beg forgiveness

To the students
Whose tongues it twists
We offer sympathy

To those who cant tell
the difference anyway
We offer counsel
To the rest of you

The last issue was published in February of 1965 because the editors felt that Scripts ‘N Pranks no longer represented Davidson College.  The Miscellany, a more serious literary magazine, was begun after the Scripts N Pranks ended.

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Author: Jim Harris

Date: 28 June 2012

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