Quips and Cranks Dedication

Year Dedication
2010 Ruth French
2009 No dedication
2008 No dedication
2007 Bobby Vagt
2006 Leland Park, 3rd Director of the Library
2005 Chambers Building
2004 The Outpost
2003 Bill Giduz, College Communications
2002 William Brown, Alavarez College Union Director
2001 Bill Giduz, College Communications
2000 In Memory of Chris
1999 Nick Dancik, Class of 2001
1998 Dr. William Brown, Alavarez College Union Director
Dr. Tony Abbott, professor of English
1997-1959 No Dedications
1960 Dr. Clarence John Pietenpol, Chairman of the Physics Department
1959 David Grier Martin B.S., LL.D. President of Davidson College
1958 Dr. William Olin Puckett, R.J. Reynolds Professor of Biology
1957 Mildred Growell Little, Dormitory Supervisor
1956 Dr. Frontis Withers Johnston, Professor of History
1955 Davidson College Student Body as a Whole
1954 Dr. John Rood Cunningham, President of the Association of
American Colleges and President of Davidson College
1953 Arthur Gwyn Griffin, Professor of Economics and Business
1952 Dr. Frank Lee Jackson, College Treasurer
1951 John Crooks Bailey, Dean of Students
1950 Edgar N. Linker, “Cop,” Campus Police
1949 Dr. Caleb Richmond Harding, Professor emeritus
1948 In memory of Fred K. Fleagle, Professor of Spanish
1947 Henry Tracy Lilly, Professor of English
1946 Edward Jones Erwin, Professor of English
1945 “To all those men of Davidson who have laid down their
books and taken up arms in defense of our nation.”
1944 No annual published
1943 Mrs. N.T. Smith, Supervisor of Dormitories at Davidson
1942 Cecil Kenneth Brown, Dean of Faculty
1941 Scott Cary Lyon, R.J. Reynolds Professor of Biology
1940 Walter Lee Lingle, President of Davidson College
1939 Frazer Hood, Professor of Psychology
1938 Frank Lee Jackson, National President of Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership
1937 Dr. Archibald Currie, Woodrow Wilson Professor of Economics
and Political Science
1936 Dr. Howard Bell Arbuckle, Head of the Chemistry Department
1935 Dr. Caleb Richmond Harding, Professor of Greek Languages and Literature
1934 Frank Lee Jackson, College Treasurer
1933 Captain Norton Goodier Pritchett, Professor of Physical
1932 Edward Lee Baxter, Alumnus and Benefactor
1931 Dr. Walter Lee Lingle, President of Davidson College
1930 Dr. William Jospeh Martin A.B., M.A., M.D., Ph.D., LL.D,
President of Davidson College
1929 To the Davidson Alumni
1928 Professor Fred K. Fleagle, Head of the Spanish Department
1927 Henry Smith Richardson, Davidson Alumnus
Lunsford Richardson, Davidson Alumnus
1926 Coach William Lee Younger
1925 Dr. Mar Edgar Sentelle, Dean
1924 Frank Lee Jackson, College Treasurer
In Memory of Woodrow Wilson
1923 “To Those Who Helped Rebuild Chambers”
1922 “Our Mothers”
Mrs. Annie B. Robson, College Mother
1921 “The Fathers of the class of 1921”
1920 1919 Thomas Wilson Lingle Ph.D., returning to the faculty
after servi80ce “over there.”
1918 “To those of our number, our fellow students and
alumni, who, in simple devotion to duty, are serving our country.”
1917 George C. Wilson, Sr., Trustee
1916 Thomas Woodrow Wilson, President of the U.S.
1915 Rev. Walter L.Lingle D.D., President of the Board of
1914 Dr. William Joseph Martin, President of Davidson College
1913 Henry Louis Smith Ph.D., LL.D., President of Davidson
1912 Miss Cornelia Rebecca Shaw, Librarian
1911 John Bunyan Shearer D.D. LL.D., President Emeritus
1910 James Sprunt, Benefactor
1909 Hon. William Preston Bynum LL.D., Charlotte lawyer and
oldest living alumnus
1908 Rev. Luther McKinnon, D.D., President of Davidson College
1907 George W. Watts, Esq., Benefactor
1906 No annual published
1905 William H. Sprunt, Esq., new athletic field benefactor and
1904 Mrs. J.A. Holt
1903 Dr. John Peter Monroe M.D., for “athletic assistance
and inspiration”
1902 Dr. Henry Loius Smith, President of Davidson College
1901 Reverend J. Rumple D.D., Class of 1850 and trustee
1900 Reverend Alfred Thruston Graham
1899 No dedication
1898 William Daniel Vinson, A.M., LL.D., Professor of Mathematics
1897 Colonel William Joseph Martin A.M., LL.D., Vice-President of Davidson College
1896 No annual published
1895 John Bunyan Shearer, President of Davidson College
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