Psychology Department

The first listing of psychology as a course of study at Davidson College occurs in the 1910-1911 catalog. Professor Sentelle taught courses offered in Philosophy and Psychology. Prior to 1910, psychology was incorporated in the mental philosophy courses. In 1920, Dr. Frazier Hood was appointed as the first professor of psychology and the courses were listed separately from philosophy. In 1934, the listings for education and psychology were combined and faculty taught in both areas. The courses were divided in 1948, and in 1949 a second psychology faculty position was added. In 1956, the department hired the first woman professor at Davidson College, Carolyn McBrayer. By the 1990's, the department had grown to 9 faculty. The department moved into the Watson Science building in 1999 and while also using the Hamilton House.

As of 2023, the Psychology Department offers 53 courses (16 of which are offered in the Fall of 2023), taught by 13 Psychology professors and students can major in Psychology. 

"Psychology." Davidson College Catalog 2023

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