Pre-Medical Program

The Pre-Medical Program is one of four pre-preofessional programs at Davidson College. Interest in pre-medical training dates from the earliest years of the college. In the 1930s John Bailey and Walter Lingle conducted a study of alumni in medical schools and proposed changes to improve pre-medical instruction. In 1940, the first class specifically for pre-medical students was listed in the catalog. Ten years later, the catalog listed a pre-medical major as an option for chemistry and biology students. Dr. Olin Puckett was in charge of premedical education for many years. The major emerged as a separate department in 1972 with Dr. Fredericksen as chair. Dr. John Williamson assumed his position about 1987. The class of 1991 was the last to have pre-medical majors as the Premedical Department became the Premedical Program in 1989. 

Dr. Jeremiah L. Putnam assumed the premedical directorship in 1992 and in 1993. The program, which over the years had been housed in professors' offices, was given a home in the Preyer Building, the old infirmary. At that time, it was allied with medical humanities. The purpose of the program is to give counsel and guidance to students considering medical careers. The Program offers advising, a reading room for information about medical careers and schools, and writes committee recommendations for students applying to medical schools.

Faculty and Staff:

Amber MacIntyre

Naila Mamoon

Aisling Zaccarelli

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