Music Department

Music officially became part of the Davidson College curriculum in 1927 when Ernest J. Cullum was elected Director of Music and Associate Professor of the History and Appreciation of Fine Arts. Professor Cullum taught courses in the history of music and art appreciation for four years. In 1931, the Trustees voted to suspend the courses due to low enrollment. In 1933, James Christian Pfohl came to Davidson as music director and reorganized the student band, glee club, and orchestra. Students had organized music clubs as early as 1868, but the only music instruction available was through private turtoring until the 1930's. By 1935, there were five music instructors and the college was granting academic credit for some of the music courses. 

The Music Department offers classes in music history and voice and instrumental instruction and sponsors the Davidson College Concert Choir, Wind and Jazz Ensembles, the Davidson Symphony Orchestra, a variety of chamber groups, and an opera workshop. 

As of 2023, the Music Department offers 68 courses (eight of which are offered in the Fall of 2023), taught by five Music professors and students can major or minor in Music. 

"Music." Davidson College Catalog 2023

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