Lingle Manor

photo of the Lingle Manor

Lingle Manor

Dates: Built in the 1870s. Miss Lucy Jurney’s School for Boys and Girls” in the early 1880s. Purchased by Leonidas Glasgow in 1886. Purchased by Lingle Family in 1939. Given to Davidson College in 1961. Student activity center from 1962 to 1967. Art Department and Black Student Coalition building in the 1970s. Remodeled as student housing in the 1980s. Demolished in 1999 to make way for a new dormitory.

Quote: Little did the late Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Lingle, ’92, dream of the use to which their home in Davidson would be put, but no two people would be happier with the recent move by college officials which designated “Lingle House” as a social center for students. . . . [Dr. Lingle] and his wife continued to make their home in Davidson after Dr. Lingle’s retirement in order to be near young people. Theirs was a lovely home, just off the campus near the rear of the dormitories and adjacent to the new fraternity court. In their lifetime it was always open to students. “Lingle House . . . Still Open to Students.” Davidson College Bulletin. October 1962:23.

Named for: Lingle Family, particularly Walter L Lingle, class of 1892, Davidson College President,

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