Jackson, Thomas (Stonewall)

General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson (b. 1824 d. 1863) was a Civil War general in the Confederate Army under Robert E. Lee. He started his career as a professor at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA where he married Eleanor Junkin the daughter of Washington College (now Washington & Lee University) president Dr. George Junkin. After the desth of his first wife he married Mary Anna Morrison, the daughter of Davidson’s first president Rev. Robert Hall Morrison in July 1857. In addition he was also the brother-in-law to Major D.H Hill, a Davidson professor and head of the Mathematics department at the time.

Anna Jackson

Anna Morrison Jackson

General Jackson was notorius for solemnity and stoic demeanor. A 1928 biographical portrait written by his great-granddaughter Anna Jackson Preston characterizes General Jackson by noting that "his habits of life were methodical and rigid" (Preston 3).

Mary Scofield Clifford

Mrs. B.G. Clifford's Letter

To testify to this fact, a first hand account from Mrs. B.G. Clifford, a Davidson resident at the time reflecting on a childoh memory of an encounter with General Jackson in church while he was visiting Major Hill. After watching him remain silent and unmoving through an extremely long prayer led by Dr. Drury Lacy, she "…thought him the stillest human being I had ever seen" and was "…deeply interested in his military uniform and his perfect immobility" (Clifford 1).

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