Hill, Daniel Harvey

General Daniel Harvey “D.H” Hill (b. 1821 d. 1889) served as the Davidson College Department of Mathematics Chair from 1854-1859, where he published a textbook called Elements of Algebra in 1859.

Prior to that he was also a Mathematics Professor at Washington College (now Washington & Lee University) from 1849-1854. In 1848 General Hill married Isabella Morrison, the eldest daughter of Davidson’s first president Rev. Robert Hall Morrison.

After leaving Davidson, General Hill went on to become the Superintendent of the North Carolina Military Academy in Charlotte from 1859-1861, referencing his time spent as a Major in the Mexican-American War from 1846-1848. He returned to military service during the Civil War as a Lieutenant General for the Confederate Army from 1861-1865.

After retiring from his military career he went on to publish “The Land We Love:The Southern Home from 1866-1876, and in 1876 was elected as President of the University of Arkansas from 1876-1885. Toward the end of his life he returned to Davidson where he returned and was buried in 1889.

D.H Hill Problem

D.H Hill Problem

One of the more controversial problems from General Hill’s 1859 textbook Elements of Algebra

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