Chambers Building – Old

Old Chambers in the 1860s

old chambers

The Old Chambers Building before the fire

Old Chambers building before the fire

Old Chambers Building

Old Chambers Building

Dates: The cornerstone was laid in 1858 and the building was completed in 1860. It burned down on November 21, 1921. The columns  remained standing until 1929.

Quotes: The whole College Buulding looks as if the projectors remembered that they were building for a century and not for a score of years.
There is very little ornament about the building — nothing that glares — and the Architect evidently relied for his effects mainly upon fine and grand proportions. The staircases — the Halls– the Lecture Rooms — the Library and the Chapel are all spacious and solid, and though some of the interior arrangements may have to be changed, as experience discovers defects, yet the general plan, we rejoice to know, is beyond the hand of any architectural tinker. “Commencement at Davidson College,” North Carolina Presbyterian. 28 July 1860.

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