Chambers Building – New

New Chambers Building in 2015

Chambers Building 2015

Chambers Building 2015

Dates: Began construction in 1924. South wing building completed in
1925. Cornerstone laid for remainder of building 29 May 1928. Building
completed 1929 and dedicated on June 3, 1930. 1966-1967 building renovated.

Quote: In the early morning November 28, 1921 Old Chambers
burned to the ground. Despite the erroneous idea, which was rather widespread,
that the building was well-nigh fireproof, not more than a one-horse wagon
load of unconsumed wood remained after less than three hours of burning.
As the
flames died down and the first rays of the sun appeared, the students and
faculty gathered on the campus near the well, when I pledged then unitedly to
a continued loyal and undisturbed support of the College, and promised them
that, if God spared my life, I would endeavor to see that a better building
replaced the old structure. By the favor of God and the help of friends, both
in the gathering and giving of funds, this has been done; the structure was
completed last spring, and I now deliver it into the hands of the Collge
Martin, William Joseph. “Dedication of Chambers Building.”
Speech. 3 June 1930. Chambers Building,
 1924-1929 Davidsoniana file.
Davidson College Archives.

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