Athletics and Community Service

Situated in the small town of Davidson, North Carolina, Davidson College has always had a strong relationship with its surrounding community.  Athletic events are one way that the town of Davidson and the college have been brought together over the years.  Whether by attending games or donating money, Davidson townspeople have gone out of their way to support Davidson athletics, and Davidson athletes have continuously given back to their community.

Davidson College stresses the importance of engaging in community service in its mission statement, and the majority of Davidson students are involved in some form of service or civic engagement during their time at Davidson.  The consistently overwhelming proportion of student athletes at Davidson make it safe to assume that Davidson student athletes did in fact participate in community service even though there is no written record of team involvement until the 2000s.  Beginning in 2000, athletic teams’ involvement in service began to increase on a national level, and Davidson quickly began to follow suit.

By 2011, several teams participated in annual national service initiatives and are dedicated to serving on the local, national, and even international level.  For articles on specific activities see:

Men’s Basketball and Service

Women’s Athletics and Service

Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Student-Athlete Advisory Council

Authors:  Ben Allison, Coleman O’Neill, and Courtney Tobe,

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