Anthropology Department

Anthropology began at Davidson College as an Introductory Anthropology class offered by the Sociology Department in 1950. This course was the only anthropology course offered until 1971 when other departments such as South East Asian studies began offering anthropology-based courses. In 1978, students were offered the opportunity to major in Sociology and Anthropology (one major). It wasn’t until 1998 that the Anthropology and Sociology Departments separated. At this point, students could major or minor in Anthropology alone. In the Fall of 1998, 32 anthropology courses were offered by the department by four professors. As of 2023, the Anthropology Department offers 71 courses (eight of which are offered in the Fall of 2023), taught by six Anthropology professors and students can major or minor in Anthropology.

As of 2014 and offered every other year since 1996, the Anthropology Department at Davidson has sponsored a summer study abroad program in Ghana, started by Professor Fairley, to provide students an opportunity to learn about West African societies. Students take two anthropology courses at the University of Cape Coast while in Ghana, perform a field project (research, service, or internship projects), and take part in weekend excursions to learn more about the culture and history of Ghana.

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Author: Meredith Pintler ’16
Date: 11 August 2014
Cite as: Pintler, Meredith, “Anthropology Department” Davidson Encyclopedia, 11 August 2014 <>.

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