Belk Hall

A photo of Belk residence hall in 2015

Belk Residence Hall 2015

Dates: Construction began in 1953. Building dedicated on October 15,
1955. Small fire during renovations in 1971. Bell tower removed for
renovations in 1998.

Quote: Davidson College has a particular place in its heart and
history for Mr. Belk. He became a member of the Board of Trustees in 1929, and
was Senior Trustee at the time of his death in 1952. All five of his sons are
alumni. Mrs. Belk, of constant inspiration and great assistance to him through
the years, has been a close friend of the college. It is especially fitting
that this magnificent structure, the W. H. Belk Hall be named in honor of so
outstanding a Christian layman. As he was symbolic of faith, of courage, and
of strength, so will it symbolize these virtues in memory and in service. W.
H. Belk Hall Dedication Program.
 15 October 1955. Belk Hall
Davidsoniana file. Davidson College Archives.

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