Akers Hall

Image of Akers Hall in 2015

Akers Hall

Dates: Built in 1984. Became first co-ed residence hall in 1995.


After almost a year of heated debate, Davidson gets its first taste of co-ed living in sophomore housing. The first floor of Akers Residence Hall, settled beneath the trees in what is typically referred to as “Sophomore Nation,” is the site of this co-ed concept. One-half of the floor is dedicated to sophomore men and the other, separated by a doorway, to women.

Saintsing, Tim.  “Davidson Institutes First Co-ed Hall.” Davidsonian. 5 September 1995:1.

Named for: John McCorkle Akers, class of 1928. “A trucking executive who, by his own admission, has never driven a truck, Akers is a retired president of Akers Motor Lines, Inc. He is also a past-president and chairman of the board of the American Trucking Association and the past-president of the N.C. Motor Carriers Association.”
“New Dormitory Named to Honor Akers ’28.” Davidson Update. October 1984.

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