Freshman Beanies and Pins


Beanie from 1921
Beanie from 1925
Beanie from circa 1920s
Beanie from 1932
Beanie from 1949
Beanie from 1950
Beanie from 1955
Beanie from 1959
Beanie from 1961
Beanie from 1963
Beanie from 1969
Freshman Pin from circa 1920s-30s
Freshman I.D. Tag from 1930
Freshman Beanies and Pins
The Freshman Beanie was introduced in 1920. The original
style was a black cap with a red button on top and a green F attached to the
front of the cap. These later gave way to a red cap with the class year of
the freshman prominently displayed in black on the front of the beanie. The
caps had to be worn all year long unless the freshman were victorious in the
sophomore-freshmen day contest, usually consisting of a football game or other
athletic contests held in the Fall. By 1967, the move had been made to require red
and black with “Davidson” on the front instead of the class
year. This was done so the caps could be sold to the public. 1969 was the last year that the
freshmen caps were required.