Extracurricular Activities – Activity Planning Boards


A 1952 picture of the Beta Theta Pi House on the Davidson campus
The men of the Kappa Alpha Order at Davidson circa. 1910, the same year the IFC was founded nationally
The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Davidson College circa. 1910
The men of Kappa Sigma at Davidson circa. 1910
The President of each fraternity was a member of the Pan-Hellenic Council. This image features the Board Members of 1947
Homecoming Dance invitations from Pan-Hellenic and Interfraternity Council eras
Dick Stockton ’52, President of the newly named IFC, attends an IFC sponsored event with an invited date
Headline from the 1971 Davidsonian introduces sets the stage for years of conflict between campus fraternities and college administration
Men of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity the year after the chapter is reestablished on the Davidson campus
Covers of Miscellany and Hobart’s Park from the 1970s.
A censored image of streakers in the 1974 Quips and Cranks.
1979 Media Board Chairman Henry R. Greyard ’79.
Lab supply advertisement in the 1971 Quips and Cranks.
Advertisements featured in the 1977 Quips and Cranks.
Invitation to Spring Frolics 1992.
Roster of Union Board members in 1964.Twenty years later, the Union Board had 36 members representing 22 organizations (Rosters-Union Boards, 1956-1996).
Table of Union Board membership by year.
Extracurricular Activities – Activity Planning Boards
The first formal student organizations on Davidson’s campus were the Philanthropic and Eumenean Literary Societies founded within months of the college’s opening. Along with providing students opportunities to debeate and practice public speaking, the literary societies helped organize events around commencements and supported the first student publications. As the 19th century turned into the 20th, students began to organize additional clubs and societies around shared interests and desires for more social activities. With the increasing number of student groups came an interest and need to provide coordination and in some cases regulations for them.