Morrison, Robert Hall


Robert Morrison Hall, 1st president of Davidson College
Robert Morrison Hall, 1st president of Davidson College
Morrison, Robert Hall
Reverend Robert Hall Morrison was thirty-seven years old when he was elected the first president of Davidson College, also making him the youngest president ever elected at Davidson College. Solidly connected with several local churches in the Davidson area, he was, also, an intellectual man who had graduated second to James K. Polk, future President of the United States, in the class of 1818 at the University of North Carolina. Before becoming President of Davidson College, Morrison served as pastor of Sugaw Creek Presbyterian Church. During his tenure as president, Morrison, also, taught mathematics and science courses. He retired in 1840 due to ill health but remained interested in the college, serving on the college’s Board of Trustees from 1852 to 1874.
Death Date
President of Davidson College: 1836-1840