Cake Race


Four students posing for a picture
Students Racing
Mrs. Whittle holding cake with Robert Dean, 1963 winner.
Carolina Faes with the first place cake made by Laura Grosch (2000).
Sterling T. Martin Jr. ’63
At the finish line in 2014, the first seven women elected to cross the finish together – setting a new Cake Race record for tied first place winners.
Cake Race
The Davidson College Freshmen Cake Race is a tradition that has endured by embracing change. This race, which has been held every year since, (except during WWII and 1972) has become a trademark of Davidson College and its incoming freshmen; it is the Cake Race (On your mark…get set…go for Cake). Although the race has been an annual event ever since, it has gone through some alterations in order to keep up with the changing face of Davidson College.
Event Type
Maddie Hunter, Robert Seaton-Todd, Allison Cheeseman, Helen Webster, Sierra Ponthier, Anna Buser, Eliza Lawless, Laurel Sheffield, Hannah Moerk,
Ian Robertson, Jenny Fritz, Ben Corson, Brigid Behrens, Daniel Samet, Erin Osment, Sal DelGiudice, Megan Mavity, Landry Bennett, Natalie Atabek, Vincent Weir, Jane Gay, Ian Tupper, Sarah Cline, Jonathan Koch, Allison Ruhe, Blake Evitt, Caroline Sanker, Lance Harden, Marissa McNatt, Matt Rhodes, Leslie Smith, Jonathan Baker, Anna Brew, William Haas, Colleen Faes, Colby Broadwater, Caroline Bennett, Jimmy Swansboro, Dan Gibson, Jill Neumayer, Neil Burt, Mary Shell Brosche, William Isenhour, Amy Scalucci, Chris Machon, Karen Marshall, Shelton Belew, Sally Christian, Lewis Mattison, Missy Willis, English Knowles, David Remisiewicz, Jay Clugston, Martha Johnson, Bob Cornish, Bill Whitfield, Meg Short, Walker Douglas, Nancy Wright, Paula Kadiso, Doug Horn, Coty Pinckney, Richy Bell, George Edwards, Chris Silves, Roger Clark, John Puckett, Mike Moats, Jim McLaughlin, Monroe Gilmour, Robert Dean, Steve Gill, James F. Alexander, Dennis Phillips, Tim Spiro, Sterling T. Martin, Dave Gilmour, Verner Stanley,Jim Alexander, John Patterson, Pete Ashcroft, Archie Joyner, Bill Shipley, Rufus Nimmons, Albert Green, Bob Kellogg, T. English Walker, Davidson B. Woodaard, Rick White, Rufus Morrow.
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