All Hail, O Davidson!


A Scan of the 1996 commencement program with revised lyrics of the alma mater, which include sons and daughters throughout. The scan also includes a drawing of The Well.
All Hail, O Davidson!
Revised lyrics of "All Hail, O Davidson!" in the 1996 commencement program with a drawing of The Well
All hail! O Davidson, Our dear old Alma Mater,
Thy Founders loved thee, gave their best to thee;
We still today thy loyal sons and daughters,
Follow them on, and pledge our loyalty.

All hail! O Davidson, Thy classic halls are standing,
Strong as the faith of those who founded thee;
Casting their spell upon thy sons and daughters,
Holding their hearts, in faith and loyalty.

All hail! O Davidson, Thy storied years behind thee,
Still pressing on to glories yet to be;
Thy faithful sons and daughters stand before thee,
Our voices raise, in hymns of loyalty.
Commencement Committee 1996
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